Reuse can be so easy!


Equip restaurants with ReCube reusables


Partner restaurants clean and reuse


Customers scan QR code to borrow


Customers return to any partner restaurants

Borrow and return reusables in 5 seconds

Borrow More and Earn More

The more you borrow, the more ReCoins you earn, and the more rewards you can redeem!

Upon returned reusables, you will get ReCoins. Sometimes there is an option to choose Rewards too

You can earn extra ReCoins by the followings:

Complete weekly challenges for more ReCoins

Invite friends and earn up to 3000 ReCoins

How to redeem Rewards?

Choose your Reward upon return reusable

You can also redeem Rewards with ReCoins

Show your Reward to restaurant staff for redemption

Our Reusables


We and our partner restaurants place great importance on the hygiene of reusable tableware, and strictly adhere to the same cleaning standards as those for dine-in tableware.

All reusable tablewares are washed and sanitized by dishwashing workshops or partner restaurants.

Our current partners

Frequently Asked Questions

Borrow and Return

Before using it, please register a new account at with your email, Facebook or phone number. Then, add a payment method to start the borrow and return process.

Each ReCube reusable is equipped with an individual QR code sticker. 

How to Borrow:
1. Tap “Borrow”.
2. Scan the QR codes on one or more tableware(s).
3. Show the confirmation page to the restaurant staff.

How to Return:
1. Go to any ReCube partner restaurant.
2. You don’t need to use the App to return. Simply hand over the tableware to the restaurant staff.
3. You can check your return records in the App. You will also receive email notifications.

You can borrow and return ReCube Reusable Tablewares from any of our partner restaurants, and you can search for partner restaurants at any time on the ReCube App. ReCube is also continuously expanding the network to make it more convenient!

Our service is completely free of charge. Starting from the borrowing, you have 7-day free rental period. If you need more time, don’t worry. You can simply pay HK$5 to extend the return deadline by an additional 7 days.  There is no limit to the number of extensions you can make.

If you do not return or damage the ReCube Reusable Tableware, you will be automatically charged a fee of $80 for each item. We aim to ensure that the ReCube Reusable Tableware are returned on time so that they can be borrowed to more people and create the maximum impact.

Once you log in, on the main page of ReCube App, you can easily find the quantity of ReCube Reusable Tableware you borrowed. You will also find notifications of the upcoming expiration. You can check your [Usage Record] in [Account] page.

The ReCube Reusable Tableware should be returned within 7 calendar days. If you cannot return by then, you can extend the return deadline for an additional 7 calendar days by paying a fee of $5. We wish to make the reusables available to more people to maximize their impact.

We will refund half of the overdue fee (HK$40) to your account balance. We encourage you to return the ReCube Reusable Tableware so that it can be borrowed to more people to maximize its impact.

If you damage or lose the ReCube Reusable Tableware, you will not be able to return it/them, and you will be charged a fee of HK$80 per item to recover our costs. Please use the ReCube Reusable Tableware with care and value resources.

Yes. You can borrow another ReCube Reusable Tableware even if the previous one has not been returned yet.

No. You can return the ReCube Reusable Tableware at any of our partner restaurants. (Please refer to the [Explore] section in the App to locate the nearest partner restaurants where you can conveniently return the reusables.

To check the usage record, click the [Account] logo at the bottom right-hand corner of the ReCube App, then select [Usage Record].

To check the reward record, click the [Account] logo at the bottom right-hand corner of the ReCube App, then select [Reward Record].

My Account

ReCube is a web application that runs in a browser, no download is needed. You can go to to access our app. For easier access, we recommend you add our website to their “Favourite” or Main Screen.

When registering for a new account, a verification email will be sent to the email address provided. You must verify your email address in order to complete the registration process successfully. If no email is found, you may check the “Junk” or “Spam” folder of your mailbox.

Google does not allow authentication through web views, i.e. the web browsers within apps like WeChat, and Facebook. To solve this, please access our website using browsers.

If you are using a third-party app to access our website, please copy the link into any browser. like Chrome and Safari.

Hygiene and Health

Please empty any leftovers before returning it, you don’t need to wash it. But you are recommended to rinse it with water.

All ReCube Reusable Tableware are washed daily by either partner restaurants or professional dishwashing contractors in the same standard and procedures as washing dine-in tableware. All ReCube Reusable Tableware is also disinfected in accordance with FEHD regulations.

Then, the washed ReCube Reusable Tableware are checked for cleanliness. Any damaged ReCube Reusable Tableware are replaced. Before the new ones’ first use, they are washed, disinfected and dried.

The cleaned ReCube Reusable Tableware are stored in sealed containers or clean area for storage. 

The body of ReCube Reusable Tableware is made of food-grade polypropylene plastic which is recyclable. To ensure the safe use of ReCube Reusable Tableware, we sent ReCube Reusable Tableware to an internationally recognised laboratory for FDA Food Contact Material Test, and it passed the test. ReCube Reusable Tableware is safe to contain different types of food and hot food (temperature tolerance -20°C to 130°C). Besides, it is microwavable. 

Yes! ReCube Reusable Tableware is safe to be heated in the microwave. But please remove the lid before putting it in the microwave.

IT Security

The credit card information you provided in the App is encrypted and stored on the payment provider (Stripe)’s server. It is not accessible by us nor any unauthorised parties.

Besides, we only collect your personal information, such as your name and email address, when it is necessary for us to correspond with you. Rest assured that we take the protection of your personal information seriously and have measures in place to safeguard it, as outlined in our Privacy Policy.


In order to ensure the functionality of ReCube Reusable Tableware meeting users’ needs, PP plastic is a suitable material at this stage. Each use of ReCube Reusable Tableware helps to prevent a disposable takeaway box from ending up in a landfill.  As long as ReCube Reusable Tableware is reused multiple times, plastic waste can be reduced.

The disposed ReCube Reusable Tableware will be recycled to prolong the lifetime of the materials.