We are excited to introduce the latest update to our ReCube App, featuring brand new functionalities!

Other than using Gmail, email and Facebook, you can also register an account by phone number now. The borrowing and returning process has been made even more convenient and efficient. Here is a brief overview:

Each ReCube Reusable Tableware will have a unique QR code sticker on its lid. That QR code helps users to immediately track its location and the usage condition.

  • Borrowing:

Customers simply first tap on “Borrow” to scan one or multiple QR code(s) of the tableware, and show the confirmation page to the restaurant staff.

  • Returning:

Customers just hand over the tableware to the restaurant staff for scanning. Customers can view your return history in the app and receive email notifications.

If you would like a more detailed understanding of the borrowing and returning process, click the button below to watch a video introduction.

In addition, we have made a few changes to our return policy:

  • The return deadline is 7 days, customers can pay $5 to extend the return deadline by an additional 7 days. There is no limit to the number of extensions.
  • Due to an increased cost of the new tableware designs and financial constraints, the fee for not returning or damaging tableware is HK$80. We aim to ensure that the ReCube Reusable Tableware are returned on time so that they can be borrowed to more people and create the maximum utility.
  • For customers who return the tableware late, we will refund half of the fee (HK$40) to your app account credit. We encourage you to return the ReCube Reusable Tableware so that it can be borrowed to more people to maximize its impact.

Our service is suitable for various occasions and purposes. If any customers are interested in renting a large quantity of reusable tableware, we can accommodate your needs as well. 

For more information, please click the link below to refer to our brochure.

We understand that our customers have different preferences and needs. In the near future, we will gradually introduce a wider range of reusable tableware options. If you are interested in our ReCube reusable tableware, please fill out the form below.

Warm regards,

Team ReCube